Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Information – NOT IN USE


Best Time to Travel & Dive

The diving season for Tioman Island starts on 1st February and ends by middle of November. Tioman is pretty much shut down over monsoon (Nov-Jan).

  • Best visibility (15m to 30m) can be expected during the months of March until May and then again from September until November
  • During the summer months (June – August) the visibility usually drops to around 8m to 12m (though diving is still great)
  • Currents are fairly mild throughout the season.

February-March is the mating season of the reef cuttlefish, which no diver should miss.


Dive Equipment

We are using the following rental dive equipment:

  • Scubapro T-One BCD
  • Scubapro MK2 Regulators
  • B&J own brand shorty wetsuits (3mm)
  • Fullfoot and Open Heel Fins
  • Children: BCD, Regulator Mouthpiece and smaller anks available
  • 80cf (11L) Aluminum Tanks with INT (Yoke) fitting
  • DIN Tanks, Twin Tanks, stage tanks in various sizes available
  • Nitrox, Oxygen, Helium available


Weather & Temperatures

The weather on Tioman Island is fine all year around. On most days you can expect sunny skies and little wind.
Regular tropical rain showers are common since Tioman Island is in the tropics and covered in dense rainforst. These showers usually last less than an hour.

  • Average air temperature: 32 Degrees Celsius
  • Average water temperature: 27 to 29 Degrees Celsius.

Check out the current weather situation on Tioman.


Malaysian Entry Requirements

Visitors to Malaysia must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six months beyond the intended visiting period. Most nationalities do not require visas for social or business visits.



You can pay us for your diving packages either in cash (MYR = Malaysian Ringgit) or by credit card (credit card payment surcharges apply).

Most of the other resorts do accept credit cards but you need cash to pay for your meals and beverages.

Foreign currencies are best exchanged on the mainland prior to your visit to Tioman Island. We do exchange major currencies but do not expect good rates.

There is only one ATM on the island in the main village Tekek (next to the airport). We recommend to bring enough cash along so you don’t have to go there just to learn that it’s out of cash.


Vaccination & Health

No special vaccinations are required. There is no Malaria or other tropical disease present on Tioman Island or on Peninsular Malaysia.

Sandflies and mosquitoes are common in Malaysia. We recommend to bring along some tropical insect repellent (i.e. containing +/- 30% DEET) and after bite ointment. Sandfly bites can be nasty and can get infected if scratched open. Antiseptic cream is recommended.

There is no decompression chamber available on Tioman Island and the closest is in Singapore (some 6 hours transportation). We are therefore very careful with our diving profiles and have never had a dive accidents since we were established in 1986.



Malay is the native tongue but English is widely spoken. All our staff is fluent in English. We each courses in:

  • English
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • German
  • French


Phone and Internet

Free WiFi is available at our dive centres but mind you, the connection on the island is very slow.
The most reliable telecom provider for Tioman is Celcom. Purchase a pre-paid card if you prefer to have your own dataplan and/or if you need to make phone calls.



Voltage is 220V to 240V, Frequency 50Hz, Power Socket Type G.

Check out this site to see if you require an adapter.