Why are Devil and Manta Rays at Risk?

We have just under two weeks until CITES CoP17* begins. This is your chance to help protect some of the world’s most valuable shark and ray species!

Hundreds of Project AWARE divers and diver centers have already urged CITES Member Parties to VOTE YES to protect sharks and rays through #Divers4SharksNRays.

Now more than ever, we must keep this momentum going to ensure that shark and ray protection remains part of the conservation conversation!

So what’s next? We’re proud to unveil Project AWARE’s new Devil Ray video.

With your help, Project AWARE aims to help secure international trade controls for the for nine species of devil rays. You can learn more about devils’  conservation status, threats to their survival, and ways divers can help protect them!

How can you help? Share this video with your friends, family, dive students and resort guests. And, help spread the word on social media:

  • CITES #CoP17 is fast approaching – help rally to protect devil rays with @projectaware + http://bit.ly/DevilRay

You play a critical role in the fight to protect vulnerable shark and ray species – thank you for your support!

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