Fun Diving Packages

Certified divers visit Tioman to enjoy our fantastic underwater flora and fauna.

Dive Packages include:

  • Accommodation based on the chosen package
  • Two (2) boat dives per day
    • We conduct 3 boat dives plus a night dive each day, but we’re aware that not everybody wants to dive so much so 2 dives per day are included in your package rates and you can add-on extra dives on the spot.
      • 2D/1N package = include 4 dives
      • 3D/2N package = include 6 dives
      • 4D/3N package = include 8 dives
      • Extra night = include 2 dives
  • Dive equipment rental if required
    • Discount for having your complete own dive gear: MYR 30.00/diving day
  • Lunch and refreshments are provided on the boat during day trips
  • Professional dive guides


Diving prerequisites:

  • Only available for certified divers (divers will be required to show proof of diver certification)
  • We reserve the right to request you complete a refresher dive if you have less than 20 dives and not dived in the last 12 months


Typical itinerary of a diving day:

  • 8:30am to 9:00am – Meet and depart for the  day trip (2 boat dives with lunch provided)
  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm – Return from the day trip
  • 2:45pm to 3:00pm – Meet and depart for a single afternoon dive
  • 5:00pm to 6:00pm – Return from the afternoon dive
  • 6:30pm to 7:00pm – Meet and depart for a night dive
  • 8:30pm to 9:00pm – Return from the night dive



LengthRoomDivesPrice (MYR)
2D/1NBasic fan room, single occupancy4540.00
2D/1NBasic fan room, double sharing4505.00
2D/1NStandard A/C room, triple sharing4525.00
2D/1NStandard A/C room, quad sharing4515.00
3D/2NBasic fan room, single occupancy6830.00
3D/2NBasic fan room, double sharing6760.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, triple sharing6800.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, quad sharing6780.00
4D/3NBasic fan room, single occupancy81,110.00
4D/3NBasic fan room, double sharing81,005.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, triple sharing81,065.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, quad sharing81,035.00
Extra nightBasic fan room, single occupancy21,270.00
Extra nightBasic fan room, double sharing21,235.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, triple sharing2255.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, quad sharing2245.00



LengthRoomDivesPrice (MYR)
2D/1NStandard A/C room, single occupancy4600.00
2D/1NStandard A/C room, double/twin4550.00
2D/1NStandard A/C room, triple sharing4535.00
2D/1NStandard A/C room, quad sharing4530.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, single occupancy6950.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, double/twin6850.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, triple sharing6820.00
3D/2NStandard A/C room, quad sharing6810.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, single occupancy81,290.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, double/twin81,140.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, triple sharing81,095.00
4D/3NStandard A/C room, quad sharing81,080.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, single occupancy2330.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, double/twin2280.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, triple sharing2265.00
Extra nightStandard A/C room, quad sharing2260.00



LengthRoomDivesPrice (MYR)
2D/1NSeaview A/C room, single occupancy4820.00
2D/1NSeaview A/C room, double/twin4645.00
2D/1NSeaview A/C room, triple sharing4590.00
2D/1NSeaview A/C room, quad sharing4570.00
3D/2NSeaview A/C room, single occupancy61,390.00
3D/2NSeaview A/C room, double/twin61,040.00
3D/2NSeaview A/C room, triple sharing6930.00
3D/2NSeaview A/C room, quad sharing6890.00
4D/3NSeaview A/C room, single occupancy81,950.00
4D/3NSeaview A/C room, double/twin81,425.00
4D/3NSeaview A/C room, triple sharing81,260.00
4D/3NSeaview A/C room, quad sharing81,200.00
Extra nightSeaview A/C room, single occupancy2550.00
Extra nightSeaview A/C room, double/twin2375.00
Extra nightSeaview A/C room, triple sharing2320.00
Extra nightSeaview A/C room, quad sharing2300.00



LengthRoomDivesPrice (MYR)
2D/1NTDR Deluxe A/C, single occupancy4770.00
2D/1NTDR Deluxe A/C, double/twin4620.00
2D/1NTDR Deluxe A/C, triple sharing4590.00
2D/1NTDR Deluxe A/C, quad sharing4575.00
2D/1NTDR Executive A/C, single occupancy4810.00
2D/1NTDR Executive A/C, double/twin4640.00
2D/1NTDR Executive A/C, triple sharing4600.00
3D/2NTDR Deluxe A/C, single occupancy61,290.00
3D/2NTDR Deluxe A/C, double/twin6990.00
3D/2NTDR Deluxe A/C, triple sharing6920.00
3D/2NTDR Deluxe A/C, quad sharing6900.00
3D/2NTDR Executive A/C, single occupancy61,370.00
3D/2NTDR Executive A/C, double/twin61,030.00
3D/2NTDR Executive A/C, triple sharing6950.00
4D/3NTDR Deluxe A/C, single occupancy81,770.00
4D/3NTDR Deluxe A/C, double/twin81,335.00
4D/3NTDR Deluxe A/C, triple sharing81,240.00
4D/3NTDR Deluxe A/C, quad sharing81,205.00
4D/3NTDR Executive A/C, single occupancy81,880.00
4D/3NTDR Executive A/C, double/twin81,390.00
4D/3NTDR Executive A/C, triple sharing81,275.00
Extra nightTDR Deluxe A/C, single occupancy2470.00
Extra nightTDR Deluxe A/C, double/twin2335.00
Extra nightTDR Deluxe A/C, triple sharing2305.00
Extra nightTDR Deluxe A/C, quad sharing2295.00
Extra nightTDR Executive A/C, single occupancy2500.00
Extra nightTDR Executive A/C, double/twin2350.00
Extra nightTDR Executive A/C, triple sharing2315.00


You can also download all of our packages in PDF format:
B&J Diving and Dive Course Packages