Nightlife on Tioman

Tioman is a fantastic place to chill out with fellow divers and travellers over an ice cold beer or a frozen margarita but you would be disappointed if you expected it to be a place where you can go clubbing. Nowadays there’s really only our bar in ABC Bay.

B&J Beach Bar

We have our own little bar right in front of our dive shop in ABC. Enjoy cheap beer, wine and liquor while chatting about your latest dive adventures. We like to chill out here with our fellow divers over a cool beer and talk about the days past and the days ahead. Everybody loves the relaxed atmosphere and cheap drinks.

Helo Bar

Helo Bar is further north in ABC, in front of Nazri II Resort. It’s a typical local, cozy place to hang out. It’s only sporadically open.

Sun Set Bar

Sunset Bar is right at the southern end beach next to Nazri I. It’s the only place to get a pizza in ABC Bay, though you need to bring your own alcoholic beverage.