B&J - Project AWARE Event


We have been active in conserving our marine environment since our establishment back in 1986. We have won numerous awards for our conservation efforts and have decided in 2012 to become 100% AWARE.
Being 100% AWARE means that we put the ocean protection at the heart or our business and pledge a donation to PADI AWARE for every single student who gets certified for any of our PADI courses. The student will automatically receive a Project AWARE certification card and we help the ocean.

Why Be 100% AWARE?

PADI AWARE needs our support to secure the conservation of our marine environment. They are raising awareness and implementing legal changes through global initiatives to ban shark finning and to reduce the impact of marine debris. They also support activities on a local level, such as the installation of mooring buoys to prevent anchor damage to reefs and encouraging conservation events. We hold the same values as them and it’s for this reason that we support their cause so strongly.

For those interested in taking their learning and involvement to the next level, take the Project AWARE Specialty Course to learn more about our global underwater ecosystems.