Technical Diving in Malaysia on Tioman Island

Do you have deeper thoughts and always wanted to explore one of those amazing shipwrecks that only technical divers are telling stories about? There is indeed something special about diving a 250 meter long World War II Battleship in 55 meters depth, to dive into their history. B&J has been a pioneer in providing Technical Diving in Malaysia ever since the early 90s.

The best wrecks in the world lie beneath the limits of recreational diving, mostly in a depth range of 50 meters or deeper. To safely dive these amazing places you need special training and equipment. The training is demanding and the equipment extensive.

Only a few operators are offering technical diving courses and excursions. We believe that the most important feature of any dive centre offering those courses is not the certification itself, but the quality of the training. At B&J we are proud to say that we have one of the best reputations when it comes to technical diver training. We will train you hard and ensure that you surface from every technical dive safe and sound.

B&J has been the first technical training facility in Malaysia to offer PADI Technical Diving Courses. Learn Technical Diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather Rebreather Diving with us.

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