Dive Against Debris on Tioman Island

Dive Against Debris & Cleanup Days

At least 8 million tonnes of debris enters the world’s oceans each year, causing harm to underwater environments and wildlife. With unique access to the underwater world, scuba divers can help remove debris underwater, raise awareness and drive positive change.

Project AWARE Foundation is dedicated to addressing the devastating impacts of marine debris and coordinates global beach and underwater clean-ups year round.
B&J would like to thank all our volunteers over the past years who’ve helped us clean the reefs, beaches and mangroves around Tioman Island.

The largest clean-up event is the annual Project AWARE International Beach and Coastal Clean-up Day, held every year on the third weekend in September. Our crew and customers battle the issues of marine debris daily by removing trash on every dive leaving our dive sites in good condition. On these special events, we turn our focus to the bigger issues such as injecting the coral eating Crown of Thorns starfish and removal of large fishing nets. At the same time we approach the problem of rubbish and debris along the beaches of Tioman Island and Coral Island. Whenever possible we get the local school kids together to help us clean the beaches in a “clean-up competition”. This is not only an opportunity to have more helping hands, but it also gives us a chance to educate the next generation in regards of environmental conservation.

We are always looking for volunteers. Check out our upcoming event calendar. If none of these days match your plans, then still get in touch – we can organise a bespoke event just for you!

For those interested in taking their learning and involvement to the next level, take the Dive Against Debris Specialty Course to learn why we need to act against marine debris and how to conduct your own surveys and report data to help fuel research.

Join our next Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Event on Tioman Island