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Mating Mimic Octopus

Mating Mimic Octopus

It’s rare to find a Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) as a diverbut it’s nearly impossible to find them mating. Our instructor Jason found them on our housereef in ABC Bay on Tioman Island and they were filmed with a GoPro Camera by our Deep Diver students Yap Chun Theng & Choong Shingyi.

Marine Life Curiosities of Tioman

Tiomans Nudibranchs

This blog is dedicated to all these beautiful and weird creatures we find during our dives around Tioman. It will likely be dominated by nudibranchs (yes, we love these colorful fellows) but you’ll be surprised what else you’ll find here over the lifespan of this blog and we hope that you post your find as …