Food on Tioman

You will find plenty of restaurants in ABC (Air Batang), which serve a great variety of local cuisine as well as Thai and Indonesian dishes, Western meals, fresh BBQ seafood or BBQ chicken. You should not miss to try some of the great local flavors and we’ll promise you’ll have no problem satisfying your taste buds.

Food in Tioman
Local food to be found on Tioman


In the northern end of ABC you find the small, typical local beach restaurant of ABC Cottages which serves tasty food right on the beach front. Try fresh grilled squid or their sambal (chili) prawns and you won’t be disappointed. They serve mainly Asian dishes.

There are a few more small restaurants north of our location which serve local dishes and also Roti Canai as well as Satay (meat skewers with peanut sauce).

One of our neighbours is Tioman House who serves fantastic fried rice or fried noodles but also Malaysia’s typical Ramli Burgers.

Right next to us is Fiqthya Chalets, where you can find a large variety of Western and Asian dishes. The food is good but a bit pricey and don’t expect fast food.

Next to Fiqthya is Johan’s Resort, which serves primarily Asian cuisine for lunch and BBQ seafood for dinner.

Walk further towards the jetty and you find South Pacific Restaurant. Try their dishes from the menu or ask the staff if they have a fresh fish. If they do then order either sambal (spicy) or sweet & sour style, it’s finger licking good. You should also not miss to try their curries and fried rice.

If you like local cuisine then a must try is the small Zinza’s Restaurant right at the jetty. Have a Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) for breakfast and for lunch simply ask the owner what’s on the menu.

Walk 5 minutes south of the jetty and you come to Mawar’s, one of our favourite dinner places. Enjoy some typical Asian dishes but also western cuisine like chicken burgers for super cheap prices.

A further 5 minutes south brings you to Nazri I Resort with their large sea facing restaurant. A good place to have dinner where you can choose BBQ seafood, grilled meats and local dishes.

One of the highlights in ABC is Sunset Bar. Situated right at the beach just past Nazri I. it is renowned for its pizza, fried chicken wings and chicken sandwich.

Still not enough variety? No issue at all as you can either rent a bicycle or take a taxi from the Marine Park into Tekek village where you find a number of local and Chinese restaurants. We can highly recommend Sarang Seafood – a must try is their Mongolian Chicken!