HMS Repulse

Technical Safari

There are two options for technical divers to visit our famous WWII Wrecks such as the HMS Repulse or the HMS Prince of Wales:

Short / Day Trips

Upon request we can organise one day excursions to some of the great WWII wrecks for the interested technical diver. This alternative suits mostly interested divers, which have no time to join a week long liveaboard safari.

One day  trips are conducted from our dive boat and don’t offer the same comfort as from a liveaboard vessel. We leave at around 2am and after sailing for some 6 hours we reach the wreck site. After hooking onto the wreck we can conduct two technical dives before heading back to Tioman where we usually arrive at around 8pm.

Minimum certification level is PADI Tec50 or an equivalent technical diver certification (i.e. IANTD Technical Diver, TDI extended range).

Fill out our contact form and let us know the preferred date for your day trip to one of our WWII wrecks


Liveaboard Tec Safaris

For many divers these liveaboard (LOB) trips were so far the best wreck diving they have done.

Depending on demand we either charter a technical LOB vessel just for us or we book spaces on an existing tec trip. Duration is usually 5 days to 6 days where you get the chance to visit some of the best WWII wrecks in the South China Sea.

During a Tec LOB we spend most of our time at the HMS Repulse since she’s the most interesting wreck. We also dive the HMS Prince of Wales and other wrecks such as the Dutch submarines or the minesweeper HMS Banka. In order to maximise the diving days most of the sailing is done at night and departure is from Singapore.

Not only do these trips offer excellent wreck diving, but also good food and a well thought of deco station with surface supplied oxygen.

For these liveaboard trips we require a minimum of PADI Tec Deep or equivalent certification (e.g. IANTD Technical Diver, TDI extended range), Trimix is preferred.

Trips are frequently fully booked well in advance. Ask for a detailed schedule of our next trip and book now!

Please fill out our contact form with your preferred diving dates and other details. We'll get back to you via email.