Sad to see a shark in the net

Fishing net removed from our reefs

A few days ago, we discovered three large fishing nets at some of our usual dive sites. So last Thursday we worked together with the members of the Tioman Dive Association to clean them. Our team included divers from Ray’s Dive Adventure, GoDeeper Tioman Chalets, Scuba Ace and our Reef Check/Cintai Tioman representative Alvin. We were able to remove all the nets in some very harsh conditions. Sadly there was already a Hawksbill turtle, some blacktip reef sharks and one big Nurse Shark (around 2 meters), and numerous smaller fish caught in the nets 🙁

Although it wasn´t a pleasing event having so many of our local creatures suffer, it was great to see how well and effectively our diving community co-operated and worked together to help protect our enviroment and nature. Our thanks and appreciation also go out to Eco Divers Malaysia who passed our teams and took one of the nets back for us, allowing our people to stay out longer to remove more from the reef
Thanks to everyone. This was an important project. Let’s keep it up!

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