Moving On Up!

Our 2016 Green Fins assessment has moved us even further towards the number 1 spot in the Top Ten! See our position displayed on their website here.

As an active Green Fins member, we pledge to go above and beyond to protect our underwater environment. The Green Fins team assess our whole businessĀ for environmental impact – everything from the cleaning products we use in the showers, to the briefings we conduct before each dive, to the responsible diving we promote underwater.

We’ve been striving for a Top 10 spot which we achieved in 2015 for both our centres. This year we excelled and now ABC is at number 2! Who knows what 2017 holds.

We’d like to thank our whole team for their commitment to this cause and for embracing the ethos of Green Fins. It’s their passion for protecting the environment that has lead to us achieving this accolade. They will stop at nothing to protect their office and playground!

We’d also like to say thank you to our customers for listening and adopting our responsible diving practises. We really do have the best customers and it’s so great to dive with people who share the same enthusiasm for ocean protection.

Bring on 2017 – number one spot!

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