Dive Travel Awards Winners 2021

B&J – A top 5 dive centre in the world!

We’re so proud to announce that the world has voted us as a top 5 dive centre/resort on this globe!

This is the post from DIVE MAGAZINE:

Our annual dive travel awards have gone from strength to strength and, now in their fifth year, have seen 108 different destinations, 245 liveaboards and more than 750 different dive centres and resorts voted into the awards from a total of almost 17,000 individual nominations!

From all over the world divers have picked their favourites – and their choices reveal not only the depth and spread of excellence in the dive travel industry, but also the loyalty many divers have for their favourite operators, both shore-based and liveaboards.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2021 DIVE Travel Awards. There are some familiar faces and some interesting newcomers, and we’d like to thank all of you, our readers, for supporting the dive travel industry, particularly in these difficult times. We are very much looking forward to diving with some of you next year!


Winner: Elite Diving, Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt

2nd Place: Papua Explorers, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

3rd Place: Scuba Junkie, Sipadan, Malaysia

4th Place: Dive Ninja Expeditions, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

5th Place: B&J Dive Resort, Tioman Island, Malaysia

6th Place: Scuba Seekers, Dahab, Egypt

7th Place: Siladen Resort & Spa, N. Sulawesi, Indonesia

8th Place: Uepi Diving Resort, Solomon Islands

9th Place: Scuba Junkie Komodo, Indonesia

10th Place: Volivoli Beach Resort / Ra Divers. Fiji

Thanks to all our loyal customers for voting for us. We couldn’t have done it without you!


But not only that, Malaysia as a whole has been voted to 3rd place as a dive destination:

Making up the Top Three for the second year running, Malaysia has long been a popular diving destination, but with a much smaller presence on the world stage than its neighbours, even though the diving is comparable. Many people like it that way – smaller dive centres in idyllic locations where you don’t have to fight your way through another five groups of divers from competing businesses.

Sipadan and Mabul islands are the most well-known of Malaysia’s dive spots, but Tioman and Perhentian Island, where visitors can choose between consummate luxury or a more chilled and budget-friendly backpacker vibe, are becoming increasingly popular.

The diving is relatively tranquil when compared to other locations and there is much in Malaysia to be enjoyed by divers who are taking their first steps into the water, or experienced divers looking for critters and coral, especially turtles. If you like turtles, there are dive spots in Malaysia where you will encounter more turtles during a single dive than some divers spot in their whole scuba diving careers!


Malaysia won 3rd place - Dive Travel Awards
Dive Travel Awards 3rd place for Malaysia as a destination


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