Cleanup Day 2020

International Cleanup Day 2020

18th to 20th September 2020


Join our Dive Against Debris and Crown of Thorns cleanup dives to protect the reefs around Tioman Island

B&J always strives to keep our coral reefs healthy. Luckily there is not much rubbish to be found on Tioman’s reefs, however there’s another consistent threat called Crown of Thorns aka COT. This starfish feeds on hard corals and we’re keeping COT outbreaks in check by injecting them with vinegar using a special injection tool.
We also teach our divers the Project AWARE Dive Against Debris specialty course which leads to a certification and teaches you how to take care of the underwater world.

Join us from 18th to 20th September to learn how to control COTs and/or become a certified PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver.

Itinerary for this event:

  • Friday 18th September:
    • Take a morning ferry
    • Either become a Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver or join our Crown of Thorns “COT” injection dive in the afternoon
  • Saturday 19th September:
    • Briefing followed by 2 COT injection dives
    • Long surface interval at Mangrove Bay on Coral Island to clean them from marine debris
    • BBQ at our B&J Beach Bar in the evening
  • Sunday 20th September
    • 2 COT morning dives (return by around 1pm)
    • Departure with an afternoon ferry

Costs depend on the time you have, the accommodation you prefer and if you choose to do the Dive Against Debris Specialty course or just COT/cleanup  dives.

Accommodation options:

  • Dormitory – in our B&J air-conditioned dorm rooms that can sleep up to 5 divers each
  • Standard A/C rooms – at a resort nearby such as Tioman House, Cozy Inn, Fiqthya Challets or Nordin Chalets
  • TDR – our Tioman Dive Resort. Still the best rooms in Air Batang Bay but mind you, there are only very limited rooms left for those dates

The following packages include accommodation, all dives, gear rental if you need, a BBQ at our B&J Beach Bar on Saturday night plus a Cleanup T-Shirt:

Option 1 (Fri-Sun) – Includes Dive Against Debris Specialty course

  • 3D/2N Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty + 4 COT Cleanup Dives + BBQ:
    • Dormitory: MYR 670.00
    • Standard A/C Double: MYR 720.00
    • Standard A/C Triple or Quad: MYR 690.00
    • TDR – Double: MYR 850.00
    • TDR – Triple: MYR 780.00
    • TDR – Quad: MYR 750.00

Option 2 (Fri-Sun) – COT dives only:

  • 3D/2N 5 COT cleanup Dives + BBQ:
    • Dormitory: MYR 500.00
    • Standard A/C Double: MYR 550.00
    • Standard A/C Triple or Quad: MYR 520.00
    • TDR – Double: MYR 675.00
    • TDR – Triple: MYR 610.00
    • TDR – Quad: MYR 580.00

Option 3 (Sat/Sun) – COT dives only:

  • 2D/1N 3 COT cleanup Dives + BBQ:
    • Dormitory: MYR 290.00
    • Standard A/C Double: MYR 315.00
    • Standard A/C Triple or Quad: : MYR 300.00
    • TDR – Double: MYR 390.00
    • TDR – Triple: MYR 360.00
    • TDR – Quad: MYR 340.00

Please contact Fara via to book or Diki via should you have further questions.
Alternatively WhatsApp us to +60 13 833 5063 for more information!

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